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Squeak’s dinner is late. No wonder he’s asking this question with his eyes. #madewithshapely #frames

My sprouted garlic cloves seem to be doing well now that they’re in some soil. I’m hoping to get bulbs by mid or end of summer. #garlic #containergardening

Yay for spring (and starting the seed growth indoors while it was cold out). My arugula is sprouting!! I love watching itty bitty plants grow! Especially since I live I an apt on the 3rd floor, and space is limited. #arugula #containergardening #igrewitmyself

I try so hard to make each monster identical to the last, but sadly it isn’t possible. I still think she’s great, and will be loved in her new home. I think if these not so perfect monsters to be extra special.

Oh… Hello snow. Are these bird prints!? #montreal #snow #april #birdprints #catprints #catsofinstagram


Happy Easter to you and yours!

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Cute kitties wearing bunny ears (and one pug!).

Shirts and a shrug I made today. These are all first time projects!! I kind of think the cow pattern t-shirt and shrug together is cute. #diy #sew #shirt #imadeitmyself #handmade


From @hankthekitten: “This is how I roll.” #catsofinstagram [source: ]

I wish I could do this with my kitties. I bet they’d like to see the world

It’s Sunday, and instead of monsters I have a sketchbook show you. It’s titled Narwhals are the unicorns of the sea. #pencils #coloringpencils #narwhals #whale #kraftsketchbook #sketch

Ahhhh!! My sketchbook cover looks so much better now that it has a little sketch.

New kraft sketch paper for moments when I can’t sew another monster. This was the only non-white sketchbook the store had. It should do fine. I also got some grayscale and brown scale pencils. #sketchbook #sketch #draw #drawing #art #artsy #pencils

I recently got some super soft black fur, and will be making my guy-friendly monsters again!

Cute attack!!! Here’s a rundown of what’s being said in the video (link below):

The small cat is an apprentice. I didn’t quite understand the train part, but he’s basically happy about his master teaching him how to travel. 

In the beach scene, he’s saying “Everyone, did you know? This is the sea! Master said you can look forward to the smell of salt.” Then: But there are other delicious smells…(the fish being dry behind them). Master, I want to them so baaaaaad” “Master, this smell…don’t you like it and want to eat it?” 

The meal part I couldn’t get the first line. He says the main dish is salmon oshizushi (which is rice, salmon and other ingredients pressed in a box, the ones that form the paw). I couldn’t get the rest. “Master says “It smells so good! Travel are meals; meals are travel”.

"Master says: the hotel is made to be enjoyed", then the fireworks are exploding and he’s just cutey-happy watching and screaming Ball!! Ball! when they explode (Tama nya~). "While watching from the hotel’s open air bath".

Then he’s saying he can’t sleep, and is impressed by his master being able to sleep so well.”


Via 4gifs:

Cat drinks warmed milk like a baby. [video]