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"Frankly, I don’t know how the cat does it all the time."

Hehe piggy trying to sit like a cat!

I hope Monkey realizes this cardboard contraption I built is actually to scratch. I may need to make a tall one in carpet. #scratchingpost #diy #cardboard

I made a cat tent for Monkey today using 2 metal coat hangers, cardboard, and a t-shirt. Took me 30 minutes, and the kitten loves it. #instructables #cats #cattent #tent #diy #easyproject #kitten


Via makingjiggy

Did you know your kitties need tents? 
» click here to get the tutorial «

I’m totally going to make one of these! I have tons of hangers!

A little heat butt/rub from the kitten. He’s so happy to get a little peek of some place other than the bathroom.

This is how I fix a lamp! #ducttape #broken #lamp #temporaryfix

I started a fundraiser to help pay for this little guy’s vet bills. I’m currently living in poverty, and every cent helps. Once he’s all better from his cold, he’ll get a chance to see more than the bathroom. Please help him by donating here: #gofundme #sickcat #poverty #donate

A little promotion of my monsters!


Hello!! I’ve taken the Little Guy to the vet, and he’s got a cold, fleas, and is seriously small for his age. He’s close to 6 months old, but only 4 lbs. In order to find him a forever home, I still need to get his vaccinations up to date, and castrated (to prevent overpopulation). As you can see, I have the actual bill that the current funds have paid for, but the second bill is still very high, and I’m at least $155 short. I would really be every so grateful for a little bit more help. I do know someone who can take him, but only once he’s back to his normal health, and is all fixed up. Please take pity on the little guy. Any donation is appreciated!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP! I’m very happy!! 

I took the kitten out while I cooked up dinner. He’s getting more and more curious about what’s outside of the bathroom. I can’t let him roam free until he’s been given the okay to interact with my other 2 cats. #curiouscat

I posted about this homeless cat yesterday. Due to financial difficulties, I have to ask kind people to help donate a few dollars so I can take this sweetie to the vet. He has infected eyes and an upper respiratory infection. If he’s of age, I’ll also get him sterilized. Thank you in advance for your support in helping me give this kitten a forever home. #gofundme #rescue #kitten #sick

I found this beautiful, and oh so sweet kitty on the streets in my hometown. He’s currently living in my bathroom and waiting for enough funds from kind souls before he can be brought to the vet to get checked out. He currently has infections in both eyes, and respiratory inflammation (or infection) which prevents him from wanting to eat. I want to give him a forever home.

I found this homeless kitten and saved it. I’ll need to wait until Monday to find out how much the vet bill will amount to. I’m hoping it won’t be too much. I’m very broke, so I’ll be raising funds for this little guy’s bills. #cat #rescue

The clouds on the opposite side are doing some swirling effect. I see pink, lavender and greys. Just gorgeous. #swirl #pinkclouds #sunset

I love how the sunset is playing with the clouds. With the Mont Royal mountain in the background and Atwater market in the foreground, it’s really nice. #pink clouds #sunset #atwater #montreal