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Now think about all those pets abandoned on roads, streets and shelters by their owners. Heartbroken… Alone… Scared…

Illustration by ©meganlynnkott: “What I’m pretty sure my cats say when I leave the house…”

I’m pretty sure my cats are thinking this whenever they see me pack my bags for craft fairs. Poor little sweeties. 

Tips & Tricks: #1 Photographing your products for your online marketplace without the use of professional photography gear :)



We’re very excited to announce an update to our checkout process: Notes at Checkout. Shoppers can now leave a helpful note when placing an order in your shop. Whether it’s a specific product customization, detailed shipping instructions, or just a supportive hello, fans now have a very…

Now when you buy from my shop, you can leave me a note, or a specific request with your order!

Homemade cucumber lemonade. I’m not sure I like tasting cucumbers & sweetness at the same time. #organic #cucumber #lemonade #homemade

Squeak’s dinner is late. No wonder he’s asking this question with his eyes. #madewithshapely #frames

My sprouted garlic cloves seem to be doing well now that they’re in some soil. I’m hoping to get bulbs by mid or end of summer. #garlic #containergardening

Yay for spring (and starting the seed growth indoors while it was cold out). My arugula is sprouting!! I love watching itty bitty plants grow! Especially since I live I an apt on the 3rd floor, and space is limited. #arugula #containergardening #igrewitmyself

I try so hard to make each monster identical to the last, but sadly it isn’t possible. I still think she’s great, and will be loved in her new home. I think if these not so perfect monsters to be extra special.

Oh… Hello snow. Are these bird prints!? #montreal #snow #april #birdprints #catprints #catsofinstagram


Happy Easter to you and yours!

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Cute kitties wearing bunny ears (and one pug!).

Shirts and a shrug I made today. These are all first time projects!! I kind of think the cow pattern t-shirt and shrug together is cute. #diy #sew #shirt #imadeitmyself #handmade


From @hankthekitten: “This is how I roll.” #catsofinstagram [source: ]

I wish I could do this with my kitties. I bet they’d like to see the world

It’s Sunday, and instead of monsters I have a sketchbook show you. It’s titled Narwhals are the unicorns of the sea. #pencils #coloringpencils #narwhals #whale #kraftsketchbook #sketch

Ahhhh!! My sketchbook cover looks so much better now that it has a little sketch.

New kraft sketch paper for moments when I can’t sew another monster. This was the only non-white sketchbook the store had. It should do fine. I also got some grayscale and brown scale pencils. #sketchbook #sketch #draw #drawing #art #artsy #pencils