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Awesome Task Girl cosplayer and myself attempting to look tough. Lol #tankgirl

The Doctor and I just landed at Montreal Comiccon, and we encountered Daleks trying to exterminate the artists. It’s time to run! #doctorwho

Saturday at Montreal Comiccon! I’ve got 3 pillow monsters left, and a lot of other awesome buddies. Find us at booth #2333 near the celebrity signing area.

Slash and Skully! #montrealcomiccon #curiouslittlebird

Daphné and I are ready to rock Montreal Comiccon! This is all I have for monsters for the entire show, so don’t hesitate if you fall in love with a monster. #montrealcomiccon #curiouslittlebird #handmadetoy

I don’t know if this septum clicker is for me. To be honest it’s totally brand new, and it’ll take some getting used to to have all this bling in my nose. What do you think? #septumclicker #girlswithpiercings

This is why I don’t think leggings work as pants. #seethrough #leggingsarenotpants

I must make eyeliner part of my “wardrobe” as I look ten times cuter with the winehouse liner, blush, and light colouring on my lips. #winehouse #eyeliner #cutegirls #girlswithglasses

I got this kit on Friday. I can’t wait to make all sorts of gauge earrings that I’ve always wanted. I have to be good and wait until Comiccon is over…. I still have many monsters to make. #fimo #polymerclay #makeyourown

My wee little Monkey is under the weather from his booster shots. But look how cute he is snoozing. #ilovemycat #adorable #cutecat

How bad did the medusa hurt!? I know it's different for everyone but I'm curious.
curiouslittlebird curiouslittlebird Said:

I found it pretty painful. More painful than my vertical labret, but equal to my septum. It hurt most when he jammed his fingers in my mouth to grab the post to screw on the ball. My upper lip and area is swollen to double it’s size!! :)

The post on my medusa piercing was 3 times longer yesterday. Major swelling happened overnight. Eating is proving to be interesting with new hardware.

I did it! I got my medusa pierced! #girlswithglasses #girlswithpiercings #medusapiercing

Monkey thinks that shoes are the best thing. Probably because they’re full of my scent. :) #catsofinstagram #weird #cute


From @Lindy_The_Cat: “Don’t worry ‘Good’ - I’m ‘Evil’ and ready to pounce! Hahaha ;)” #twitterweek #catsofinstagram ***************************************** #TwitterWeek: Follow us on Twitter for a chance to be featured this week! [source: ]

I imagine this is what my kitten Monkey would look like all grown up, and in a devil suit. FYI… He is a little devil.